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本文摘要:The Monday before Thanksgiving, we all came to work. Some people had turned on their computers and were working. At around 8:15 a.m., that black screen of death came on.感恩节之前的那个星期一,我们都照常上班。

The Monday before Thanksgiving, we all came to work. Some people had turned on their computers and were working. At around 8:15 a.m., that black screen of death came on.感恩节之前的那个星期一,我们都照常上班。有些同事回到公司,关上电脑开始工作。约在上午8点15分,电脑忽然黑屏死机。

They shut down the entire network. We couldn’t really work the rest of the week, which seemed OK because it was a holiday week. But as Tuesday and Wednesday progressed, it became clear that this wasn’t a simple hack.黑客让整个网络陷于了中断状态,那周剩下的几天,我们基本上都无法工作。不过由于那个星期是假期,这推倒也没过于大影响。但事情进展到星期二和星期三的时候,人们已慢慢明白:这并不是一起全然的黑客不道德。

Over Thanksgiving, I joked about it. We all thought it might take a while to get our work life back—files, things we have to do before the end of the year.在感恩节期间,我还拿这件事打趣来着。大家都以为过段时间工作就能恢复正常,我们还有许多文件要处置,年底之前还有很多工作要已完成。

It wasn’t until Monday or Tuesday of the following week when we realized the extent of it. That’s when we got word that it might take weeks to get back up. Things became more clear when it was revealed what information was released. Around Wednesday or Thursday, people started saying: call your bank, change your passwords, set up a new checking account.直到第二周的周一周二,我们才意识到事情的严重性。我们被告诉,电脑有可能必须几个星期才能修缮。随着遭到窃密的信息被透露,一切就更为明白毫无疑问了。到了周三周四的时候,公司的人开始说道:赶紧通报银行、改动你的密码、进一个新的支票账户。

I was completely irate. Once it got personal, it was just, are you kidding me? Seeing the faces of colleagues with families—they’re worried about their life savings, their retirement funds, their kids.我怒不可遏。一旦牵涉到到个人,这感觉就不一样了:进什么笑话?周围那些有家室的同事脸上写满了担忧,这关系到他们一生的积蓄、养老金和孩子们的未来。And the blogs were the ones giving us all the information. We got more information from blogs and websites than we did from Michael [Lynton, CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment] and Amy [Pascal, co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment].所有这些信息我们都是通过外界博客、网站这些渠道得知的。

迈克尔(索尼影业首席执行官)和艾米(公司联席主席)获取的信息反而不多。The company provided us with All Clear ID, which is a security monitoring firm, but some people said that LifeLock was the way to go, and I decided to get it. There’s a reason you pay [$29.99 a month] for it.公司给每个员工配有了身份维护服务All Clear ID,这是一家安防监控公司的产品,但有些人说道LifeLock的维护服务更佳,于是我要求自己卖一个。

每月服务费要29.99美元,但这个钱非花不能。That weekend, I set up alerts on all my bank accounts and credit cards. I get a text message about every transaction, and the [smartphone] apps send me notifications on my home screen anytime there’s a charge.那个周末,我给自己所有的银行账户、信用卡都设置了警报系统,每笔交易后我都会接到短信,每当要收费时,那些手机应用于都会在屏幕上给我启动时通报。I changed every single password. Five for banking and credit cards. Then for my 401(k), health insurance, three email accounts, and Facebook. I changed them for Amazon, eBay, PayPal, and other shopping sites. In all, it was probably 25 to 30.我把所有银行和信用卡的密码都换回了,一共五个,然后是401(k)退休金账户、医疗保险账户、三个电邮账号和Facebook。还有亚马逊、eBay、PayPal和其他购物网站的密码。

特一起大约有25到30个。A few days later, we were on loaner laptops, pen and paper, recreating PowerPoints, re-creating databases. All the things you’d need when you’re working on any kind of business deal. Word documents, contracts, PDFs. We chugged along. We did as much as we could. But there were certain days that people had to leave the office to do what they had to do personally.几天后,我们用借给的笔记本电脑、笔和纸新的创立PPT和数据库。完全经商要中用的一切都得轻做到:各种Word文档、合约、PDF文件。我们不时手地尽量做到着解决问题工作。

但尽管如此,人们总有几天必须离开了办公室处置私人事务。Going forward, I want to know that I won’t get a random $500 charge. I decided that I’m never going to access any of my financial accounts on my work computer ever again. If I need to do something urgently, I’ll use my smartphone, or I’ll go home and do it. It’s not worth the risk.继而,我还想要保证自己会被莫名扣除500块钱。我早已要求很久不必公司电脑登岸自己的财经账户。如果要处置某些应急事情,我会用自己的手机或者回家已完成。

不有一点去冒那个险要。Some people have gone a little overboard, changing their passports and things like that. For me, money and keeping my finances secure is most important.还有些同事有点反应过度,他们甚至替换了自己的护照什么的。

对我来说,钱和财产安全性是最重要的。It’s taken a toll, mentally—do I have to worry about someone getting a random medical procedure with my benefits? And there’s the frustration at the way the top top brass handled the situation. Why didn’t they provide more for the employees? Why didn’t they bring in security consultants?这件事给我敲打了一记警钟——我用不必担忧有人不会伪造我的医保账户?还有,公司高层对于事情的处置令人沮丧。他们为什么不为员工获取更好的协助?为什么不聘请网络安全顾问?You read all these reports about morale being low. I wouldn’t say it’s low. You chug along. But it is like, wow, you always have to look over your shoulder. This is forever.所有关于此事的新闻报道里,你都能写公司员工士气低下,我想这么说道。工作还得之后,但是这件事给人们托了个睡:你该时时留意身后,小心驶得万年船。